Racing has wrapped up for the 2023 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Season, and all the championships have been tied up after the final round at Honolulu Hills in Taft, California. A race track filled with rolling hills and big jumps wraps up the series with quite a bang for the season. Beau Baron capped his season with a dominating performance, and Cole Fryar brought home the win in Pro-Am; lastly, Torey Matajcich finished with a perfect season in Women’s Pro.

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With the Women’s Pro championship locked up for Torey Matajcich, she could have taken it easy at the last round, but she wanted to complete the perfect season. She finished 1:30 over Layne Fryar, who also finished second in the championship. Heidi Colman was in third place but had a big get-off in the offroad section, and we wish her a speedy recovery! Donna Espensen finished in third, which put her in a tie for third place in the championship with Dakota Hibler.

The trio of Baron, Travis Damon, and Braxton Grosse headed into the final round, battling for their spots in the championship. Baron and Grosse fly up the start straight side by side, with Grosse just barely edging out Baron for the holeshot, but the battle was set early on. For the first few laps, Grosse was able to hold off the charges from Baron before he made a quick move and was able to find his way around him.

Damon was next as he made the pass stick on Grosse just a few laps later, but the battle grew as the race went on with him. East Coast Pro Max Lindquist made his presence shown, shortening the gap between Damon each lap as they finished just over a second from each other. Baron clinched another Pro ATV Championship with the win, furthering his fantastic career as the winningest racer in WORCS History. Damon finishes the season in second, and Grosse finishes third in his rookie season.

Cole Fryar and Gage Leaver battled all season long as they both have won multiple rounds coming into this final round. Leaver is leading into the final round, just needing to finish to clinch his first Pro-Am Championship. Fryar was on fire all weekend as he led wire to wire in Taft. He laid down the fastest lap with a 9:41, which is almost ten seconds faster than anyone else racing in the Pro-Am class. Leaver finished in 2nd just under a minute behind Fryar but was enough to give him his first pro-am championship. The brother-sister Duo of Cole and Layne Fryar finish the season with a 2nd and 3rd in the championship.


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