Racing for the 2023 season is ending quickly, as only two rounds of the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS series remain. A familiar track in Mesquite was the home to round 8 with a great turnout of the regulars but tons of local racers showcasing their ability on home turf. With the addition of some new land, the track crew at WORCS was able to add some fresh sections of the course to the fantastic track that makes Mesquite a yearly staple in the community. Cole Martinez wins in Pro 450 after missing the last two rounds recovering from an injury, as Jack Simpson wins in Pro 250 with an excellent performance in the sand.

Early Saturday morning, Tristun Alvarez set off on his RPM KTM 125 machine and, during the first lap, had an incident with another rider on the steep uphill, causing him to go from the first to last, but that didn’t faze him. He put his head down and made pass after pass before reaching Travis Damon and his Perry Concepts Racing Yamaha. They Battled for a while before Alvarez made a pass and got it to stick, leading the rest until finished. Alvarez gained a few valuable points in the championship leading into the final round. Another FMF RPM Rider, Kaitlyn Jacobs, secured her title this season with a second-place finish; this is her first pro title at Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS.

On Sunday, the heat was no joke as the pros lined up for the 2-hour race with temps hovering in the 90s and minimal breeze, which meant stamina and conditioning were more pivotal than ever. Precision Concepts Tyler Lynn was able to continue his hot starts with another holeshot as he led the pack into the sandy off-road course, gaining a lead in the early stages of the race while the pack battled back and forth behind him. Behind him, battles were brewing with SLR Honda Cole Martinez, Purvines Racing Justin Hoeft, and KTM Mateo Oliviera, with positions switching laps each lap. Martinez settled into second before having a big get-off in the sand; he got back up and put a push chasing after Lynn and Hoeft. Lynn talked about how he had a great pace, but towards the end, the heat took a tool as he backed off a bit, allowing the competition to catch up and make the passes towards the end of the moto. With the second-place finish, Hoeft added to his points lead over Mateo Oliviera, but anything can happen as we head to Taft for the final round in just two short weeks.


Purvines Racing Jack Simpson came into Mesquite with a 27-point lead over RPM FMF Jake Alvarez, and off the gate, it was precisely that as they battled hard into the first corner with those two and 3 Bros Husqvarna Kai Aiello battling for the lead. Simpson was able to get out in front early, holding it wide open as they battled heavily with just seconds separating them in the early stages of this race. Sadly, Alvarez went down hard and could not finish the race, allowing Simpson to pull away and grab his 3rd win of the season.

On top of the success, this allowed him to claim the Pro 250 championship for himself and the Purvines Racing team. Behind him, 3 Bros Racing Colton Aeck moved up from a not-ideal start towards the back and made methodical passes to find himself on the box for the third straight round. After taking an almost 3-year Hiatus, Wyatt Mattson returned and not only finished but landed on the box in third place, riding a loaner bike from Kaitlyn Jacobs that they built on Thursday night, hours before they left for Mesquite.

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In Pro-Am, the newest rider for SLR Honda, Jace Allred, came and showcased why he is the team’s latest rider as he dominated in Mesquite. Both Allred and another new rider to WORCS, Jack Glathar, were able to put up a 1-2 spot in the sandy conditions of Mesquite. Glathar pulled the holeshot only briefly before Allred moved to get in front and check out. In third place, Mason Decunzo pushed hard to keep up with the rest of the podium finishers, but after 90 minutes, he said he was gassed and settled into a rhythm and pace to get that final spot. Decunzo shortened the gap between him and Hayden Florez for the title.



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