We are back! Round 7 of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS brings us to Buckskin Hills Recreation Park in beautiful Vernal, Utah, for a weekend of racing.  The WORCS track crew didn’t hold anything back, building an 8.5-mile course with it all, from big jumps in the motocross to deep silt and ruts in the Offroad section. In his new car, Beau Judge picked up where he left off before the break, finishing first. And Casey Sims performed excellently in Pro Stock, winning again his fourth of the season.

On Saturday, the pro stocks lined up for the day’s final race as the points in this class were tied coming into this event, and with only three rounds to go, every position counts. Casey Sims pushed ahead early, benefiting from the clean air after the holeshot. Sebastian Marquez was able to keep him from pulling away, but the dust made any passing attempt in the Offroad section extremely difficult. He was able to draw closer in the moto section as each lap passed but could not make a successful pass attempt, finishing in second place.  In his Honda Talon, Beau Baron had the same issue: the wind was non-existent during this race, making the silt pockets turn your visibility to nothing.

The Father-Son duo of Beau and Braden Judge showcased some good family racing as they pushed together to finish 1-2 on the podium. Beau, debuting his new build after finishing it just hours before the weekend began, passed down his championship-winning car to Braden, and the duo was off to the races.

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They clicked off lap after lap, putting up similar times with Braden just a few seconds off his dad’s pace. Beau Baron and Larry Heidler were just a little behind, battling against themselves as the race progressed. Sadly, on the final lap, a mechanical issue arose for Baron after sitting in third for the entirety of the race, causing him to finish in fourth, with Heidler able to make the pass on time and slide his way into the final spot on the podium.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS wants to thank all the riders, staff, and volunteers for coming out and supporting round 7 of the season, and we can’t wait to see everyone at Mesquite on October 6th-8th.


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