Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS brings the electric SXS action to Shorty’s Sports Park in Blythe, California, for the next round. A track with quite a mixed amount of conditions, from the Motocross section that is fast and very jump-heavy to the deep sandy sections in the off-road area, keeps these drivers on the toes for the entirety of their race. After a few races with minor mechanical problems, Beau Judge lands on the top of the box with a flawless round of racing on Saturday. Sebastian Marquez wins in pro stock on an entirely brand-new frame after a broken chassis in the last round.

The Pro SXS class lined up on Saturday this weekend, prepared to take on the battle, and this was a Beau show. Judge set the pace early on as he took the holeshot and didn’t look back, staying in front from start to finish.  Behind him, Shawn Saxton and Braden Judge, both dealing with mechanicals, tried to keep up but would end up falling back to 6th and 4th, respectively. The next beau, Beau Baron, is the king of smooth is fast as he takes his Stock Honda Talon and consistently battles with the best of the best in the production class as he lands in 2nd place in Blythe on his way to the trifecta landing on both Pro SXS classes and wins the Pro ATV Race on Sunday.  In third place was Jeremiah Wagner finishing just under 2 minutes behind the leader and putting him in an excellent spot for the championship points. The Pro Production has one of the closest points battles I have seen through this point in the season that I can remember, as the top 6 are separated by only 6 points, with Beau Judge leading the charge at 79 points.

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The finale of the weekend was the Pro Stock race on Sunday Afternoon; as they lined up and the wind started to pick up, allowing for some of the heat to subside as it was the warmest race of the season, with temps hitting the mid-80s before race time. Sebastian Marquez is driving his Polaris RS1, which he just finished a completely new frame after a cracked chassis suffered at the Havasu round. It worked to perfection as he would come blasting out of the gate, grabbing the holeshot in front of a full line of racers.

This was all he needed as he put down consistent lap times in the 7:35 range lap after lap leading him to his well-deserved victory in Blythe and extending his points lead. In his first race this season, Chase Desousadias put together an impressive race, starting in 4th place and finishing in 2nd, about a minute and 20 seconds behind Marquez. Baron landed on the podium in third as he rode a smooth race in his Honda Talon and put himself back in contention for the points as Marquez, Casey Sims, and Baron are your top three in points leading up to racing at Glen Helen.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS wants to thank all the racers, volunteers, and workers for another great weekend of racing at Shorty’s sports park. We can’t wait to see everyone again at the next round, where we combine all the disciplines at Glen Helen on May 4th-6th.

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