Struggled With Bad Luck The Last 2 Rounds, But Learning Each Round!

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April 4, 2023 – Blythe, CA – This weekend at Rnd 4 in Blythe, CA didn’t necessarily go as planned but we did make it out safe, healthy and learned a lot. On Saturday I was honestly super nervous after crashing and not riding since Rnd 2 in Delano, CA so on the line I was overthinking a lot. Jumped the start a little which I wasn’t too proud of but got the hole shot and led for about 2 laps. I noticed myself making little mistakes and getting bad arm pump along with some other complications which dropped me down positions. Ended up with a p12 in open A. Not the results I was looking for. On Sunday, I got 2nd off the start and was battling good with 1st. Was really proud with my riding that day and felt a-lot better on the bike. Mid race I noticed my carrier was going out, so I tried my best to ride the bike as safe as possible while holding a strong second place. Then unfortunately my chain kept falling off and eventually I had to get towed off the track and suffered a DNF.  

I’m taking this season as a learning experience. But overall, the track was fun. Alot of my family got to come out and watch me race this weekend, and I always enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. Gotta thanks the boys @kennysanford @codysanford over at @tireblocksofficial for getting me set up with a fresh set of wheels and tires. Also need to thank the Grosse family and my grandpa for helping me out with everything. And last but not least I have to give a huge thanks To Mr. Doug @rolldesignsuspension for getting me all dialed this weekend with my suspension. The quad feels insane now that I’m in a proper setup. Gotta take some time to get my endurance up and get some work done on the bikes to be ready for the next round at Glen Helen Raceway.

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