For the second round, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS brought the action to a new race track in Delano, CA, at American MX with its rolling green hills and orange groves in the distance. Tallon Lafountaine brought home his first 450 Pro win, narrowly edging out Dare Demartile for the win, and Tristun Alvarez won his first pro race on Saturday’s early morning 125 Pro race. In 250 Pro, Jack Simpson set sail and found himself holding the number one plate, and Tyler Jones won the Pro-Am battle.

The WORCS crew and Dane Perry built a 5.7-mile course that flowed up and down the hills of American MX, and for the pro, the race included a great section that had a steep-cliff drop-off and two sets of tires, one of which the field doubled over using the ledge before the tires were set up. Beta Racing rider Demartile found himself in the lead early on, stretching a lead in front of Lafountaine and Hoeft, but with a few laps left to go, and found himself a bit “throttle happy” as he put it and laid it down in a corner, allowing Lafountaine to get by him and was unable to make a move back for the lead before the checkers. Aboard the SLR Honda machine, Lafountaine started behind Oliveira and Demartile. Still, an early mistake by Oliviera leaving the hot pits allowed both of them by as they set off into a battle that would last for the next hour and forty minutes. This track was quite flowy with only a few jumps across the track, but it was pretty slick as the water on some of the uncut sections made the grass hard to brake on, and without many ruts, it was still quite a fast track throughout. In 3rd place was Justin Hoeft riding for Purvines Racing Yamaha raced at a consistent pace the entire time, minimizing mistakes as he kept Zach Bell contained. This was Hoeft’s first time back on the box since round four in Taft last year, where he finished a personal best 2nd place.

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250 Pro saw another WORCS first-class win as Jack Simpson won his first 250 Pro class on his Purvines Racing Yamaha bike. Kai Aiello, on his Husqvarna, would blast out of the start with a holeshot but overshot the second set of tires on the first lap in the pro section allowing Simpson to get around him and into a groove quickly. He set a blistering pace, but Aiello kept him honest even without his usual pit crew.

It would cause a lengthier pit stop than standard allowing Simpson to have the gap he needed to take home the win. Colton Aeck started in the back after a rough jump on the start making the race a battle from start to finish as he made his way through the pack. Aeck found the speed halfway through the race as he gained time on Aiello with each lap but couldn’t put it together, having to settle for third.

Tyler Jones lands his first win in Pro-Am on his Gas Gas machine. After missing the first round in Primm with this, all three winners of this round were fresh faces setting up what will be a great year for racing. Behind him, Jason Fichera finishes in second, with Mason Decunzo in third.

Before the race on Thursday, Brandy Richards would have a practice crash while holding a training ride at the track. We all wish her a fast recovery and can’t wait to see her do what she does best. Kaitlyn Jacobs and Lauren Woods would battle hard during the race, swapping the lead position back and forth, with Jacobs finishing on top of the box aboard her RPM Racing KTM bike. And Tristun Alvarez was able to hold off the charging Travis Damon in the 125 Pro class, with Lauren Woods also racing on a 125 loaner bike from the 3Bros team.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS wants to thank all the racers for coming out to another great round of racing and can’t wait to see everyone very soon in Lake Havasu for the always exciting lagoon.

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