Ryan Prosser Claims Four Wins at Cache Valley MX WORCS Double Header  WORCS Round 7 & 8 Race Report

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SEPT19, 2022 – PRESTON, ID – Ryan Prosser of Amplex Racing swept the weekend with four wins at WORCS Cache Valley MX in Preston Idaho. The weekend’s doubleheader had Prosser racing in both the Production Turbo class and the 900 class where he currently leads in points.

With a slick course amongst the corn and alfalfa, Prosser managed to take the holeshot in the Production Turbo class. He credits the good start to His GBC Terra Masters and lower air pressure. This turned out to be the perfect combination for the slick, muddy race course.

“I run 30-inch GBC Terra Masters. During practice, I ran the normal tire pressure and it was a little slippery. I ended up lowering the tire pressure on race day and it turned out to be perfect. I had full traction in the corners. Overall I just really enjoy these tires. They just hook up well,” said Prosser.

Prosser Managed to grab the holeshot both days and earned a large gap on the competition by the second lap. He held onto the lead the entire race. While on the last lap he ran into car trouble costing through the finish line with the car in limp mode.

“I had over a minute and a half lead going into the second lap. Even though my car went into limp mode on the last lap. I still managed to hold onto the big lead gap. I did the in-field of the last lap going like 25 miles an hour and still finished in the lead.”

Cache Valley MX featured a few Large tabletop jumps and Prosser took full advantage of the speed he was able to carry over them and through the in-field.

“Those two table tops coming in near the spectators. It definitely felt good just airing them out. They’re really smooth and you can really carry your momentum.

Prosser wanted to give a huge thanks to his sponsors including a new one, Hydropower.
“I drink it before the race. It helps give me energy throughout the race and helps me stay hydrated,” said Prosser.

Off the back of a huge weekend in Idaho Prosser is looking at busy month in October. He is looking forward to heading to Mesquite, NV for WORCS round 9 on October 8-9th. Then on to racing the California 300 in his turbo Car the next weekend. After that, he will be getting behind the wheel of a Trophy Truck at the Laughlin Desert Classic on October 22-23rd.

Ryan Prosser 2022 sponsors:
Amplex racing, KMC Wheels, GBC Tires, Rugged Radios, Savage UTV, SealSaver, Sparco, BOXO USA, Hydropower

SOCIAL MEDIA:@ryan.prosser4

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