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The summer break has come to a close, and what better way to show that than a double-round showdown in Preston Valley, Idaho, at Cache Valley MX.  The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS Series crew put together an excellent track for the racers that would test multiple disciplines throughout the course. Racers would go from flying through corn stalks higher than their machines to leading a drag race through the open fields before jumping their way back onto the MX portion with a few sections allowing for some pretty big jumps for the people watching. Beau Judge would continue to showcase his driving ability and amazingly built Can-Am to take home the win, while Cayden MacCachren would push from the second line to bring home the victory in Pro Stock. 

We had a few drivers show up this round in some sweet new rides, with Beau Baron sporting the new Polaris Pro R and Chris Johnson showcasing one of his new cars as well, which Livery never fails to look great on the course. On the front line, Beau Judge would take the holeshot allowing him fresh air early, which was especially important while gliding thru the stalks and allowing him to set the pace early. Still, Jeremiah Wagner would not let him slip away that easily. Wagner would keep Judge honest as the race progressed, with both of them clicking off lap after lap as he wouldnโ€™t let him get too comfortable applying pressure.

Behind them were no slouches, with Shawn Saxton and MacCachren pushing hard from the second with adjusted time getting slashed closer and closer with each lap. Once the dust settled, it was none other than Judge holding that top spot just a few seconds faster than Saxton and Wagner would round out the podium in pro production. Judge has now finished on the podium successfully in every round this season and extending his points over Wagner in the championship. Saxton has seemed to find his rhythm and work out any bugs in his Polaris machine, as he has now finished 2nd for the third race in a row.

Saxton and his green machine blended in well with the corn behind him.
Wagner keeping his Polaris on rails thru the corners on the MX track.

The weekend’s final race was Pro Stock, and it did not disappoint as the points within the top 4 are getting closer and closer each round. Brayden Baker, your current points leader, would pull the holeshot in this race, but Trey Eggleston was right on his tail; they would battle heavily for the first half of this race. While racing thru the fields, Eggleston had an advantage in coming from his short course background would put the hard charge on Baker and finally make the pass stick not too far after that section.

  • Trey Eggleston catching some airtime.
  • Baker and Eggleston battling thru one of the many turns in the fields
  • Casey Sims is on the gas towards his 3rd place finish.
  • Eggleston clicking off his laps.
  • MacCachren making the pass stick on a competitor during the race.

Starting in the second row was MacCachren, who was on a mission from the start; he would put on a clinic making a few quick passes in the corn to get fresh air and set his eyes on the front row as each lap, he would shave a few seconds to get the lead on adjusted time. Casey Sims would also push forward from the second line as he would knock Baker off the podium and claim his third podium of the season with a third-place finish. Eggleston would finish in 2nd, and the reigning Pro Stock champion would take the win and gain some points in the championship. 

Cayden on a mission as he moves his way thru this track.
Cayden on a mission as he moves his way thru this track.

WORCS wants to thank all of the racers and competitors who made the trip to Cache Valley, and we canโ€™t wait to see you all at the next round in Mesquite on October 7th-9th.

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