Ryan Prosser Earns Second Victory, Moves to Second in Points

2022 Ryann Prosser R6 Cedar City Amateur Race Report

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MAY 25, 2022 – CEDAR CITY, UT –  Amplex Racing’s 15 year old Ryan Prosser earned his second victory of the year in the WORCS SXS Production Turbo class. The win also marked his first WORCS number one overall finish on time. The event was held at Three Peaks Oasis in Cedar City, UT.

Driving a Polaris RZR, Prosser snagged an impressive holeshot, taking the lead in turn one. He then used the track’s newly added jumps to extend his lead throughout the race.  He turned up the wick on the final lap and finished nearly thirty seconds ahead of his nearest competitor.

“I got a good jump and there was no turning back from there,” exclaimed Prosser. “I kept pushing my pace and held the lead until the finish. Brody was on my tail until the last lap, so I picked up my pace and ended up finishing with a 25-second gap.”

The new doubles and tabletops were a bit overwhelming for Prosser at first. Any timid thoughts left him on race day and he was smoothly doubling throughout the event.

“They were some nice doubles and some great jumps,” said Prosser. “Before the race I was a little hesitant, but once we got to race day, I just started clearing the doubles. I was really smooth and the car flew perfectly.”

The victory moved Prosser to second in points going into the summer break. This will setup what is certain to be an exciting finish in the championship.

“We were fighting some issues on the car,” said Prosser. “We worked hard to get out the kinks and now the car is running at its true potential.”

The track also sidelined many competitors with flat tires and broken suspension. Prosser’s GBC tires gave him an advantage and he experienced zero flat tires and no mechanical issues.

“The track had a lot of tree roots and ruts so I a lot people ended up with flat tires,” explained Prosser. “In our case, the GBC tires with KMC wheels held up for the entire race with no flats and flawless performance. They had insane grip off of the starting line.”

Prosser will continue to race in other series during the summer break before returning to WORCS. The next WORCS event is scheduled for September 9-11th in Preston, ID.

Ryan Prosser 2022 Sponsors: KMC Wheels, GBC Tires, Rugged Radios, Savage UTV, SealSavers, SPARCO, BOXO USA

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