No Three Of A Kind In Vegas For Hibler

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MAY 2, 2022 – LAS VEGAS, NV – The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas was a different challenge for DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler. Having never raced this location or style of race before with the Enduro Themed event, Hibler had her work cut out for her. With Both Races within an hour of each other, the hot temps, and challenging obstacles, Saturday was a long day.

First race was in the Women A class and with once again a back of the pack start, Hibler had to find a way to the front. After getting around two of the other women her sights were on the leader. Hibler was able to gain closer and closer with each lap, and within two seconds of the leader on the second to last lap but it wasn’t enough, and Hibler ended in second on the day, denying her a three of a kind (three 1st places in a row). Hibler will look to rebound in a few weeks to end the first half of the season on a strong note heading into the long summer break.

Second race was the competitive 15-29B class where Hibler lined up with six other racers and once again started dead last. It took a couple of laps for Hibler to find a pace she could run but it wasn’t enough to gain any higher then fifth in class. Hibler will look to try and finish on the podium for the first time in class before the break.

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