Emmy Engle Doubles Up At Round 4

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APRIL 13, 2022 – TAFT, CA – Emmy Engle loves the Taft track. This is the track she came to 2 years ago to watch her First WORCS race then deciding she too wanted to race. Emmy came to round 4 on a mission to extend her points lead in both 50cc classes.

On Saturday morning she arrived at the track early. She checked off each item on her white board making sure her quad was ready for battle. Emmy lined up at the starting line and when the green flag dropped she was in second place into the first corner. Emmy has hungry for a win and slid her DRR50 around the outside and pulling into 1st place grabbing the hole shot. Her DRR50 quad performed flawless and she went unchallenged all the way to the checkered flag for 1st in the 50cc class.

Sunday morning came and Emmy was ready and determined to grab another win in the 50cc open class. She warmed up her DRR50 making sure it was on point. The green flag dropped and all of the quads ripped off into the first corner. Emmy was in a close second, but she held the throttle launching off the first jump into 1st place. She had the track dialed. She rode a smart race passing back markers all the way to the checkered flag grabbing 1st place in the 50cc open class.

Social Media:@emmyengle

Emmy would like to thank DRRUSA, Leatt, Benchmark Performance, Powder 1, Sunstar, Braking, Vonzipper, PEP suspension and Hetrick Racing

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