DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler Makes It Two In A Row at Taft

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APRIL 5, 2022 – TAFT, CA – DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler makes it two in a row with Women A win at Taft.  Hibler entered round four as the current Women A point leader winning two of the first three rounds, most recently round three at Havasu.  Hibler also looking to repeat her result from 2021 at Taft with a win.  On Saturday Hibler lined with three other ladies in the Women A class and once again would get a terrible start, stalling the quad on the line and losing roughly 10 seconds on the start.  By the time the class reached the famed step up, Hibler would catch third and second place and set her sights on chasing the leader.  Hibler would follow the leader until early in lap three were she made the pass just after the scoring shoot and took the lead for good.  Hibler would finish with her second win in a row not only on the season but at Taft as well.

On Sunday with some of the heavy hitters in the 15-29B class Hibler lined up with six other riders to once again trail early and stay consistent to catch up to fourth and eventually take fourth on the day in class.  Hibler didn’t race as well on Sunday as she had on Saturday, but the track was super wet and muddy to start the day on Sunday and would struggle with vision using all her tear offs on the first lap causing a need for another set of goggles and tear offs starting lap three.

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