DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler Lands a 2nd at Glen Helen

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FEBRUARY 15, 2022 – DEVORE, CA – Round two of the WORCS ATV series shifted from Southern Nevada to Southern California at the famed Glen Helen Raceway.  DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler coming off a strong start to the season in Women A was looking to continue her holeshot streak and pile up the points.  Saturday saw Hibler get a historical bad start and trailed heading into the second turn in third.  By end of lap one Hibler had closed the gap on the leader within one second to then head out to the desert section of the course.  Hibler took the lead briefly but then made a costly mistake which sent her into a bush causing her to lose ground and time.  Eventually she was able to get back on the track and put down some very fast laps as the race continued.  Hibler getting faster with each lap was able to climb back into second and had personal faster laps each of the last three laps on the day.  She finished in second place on the day and now holds the points lead by seven points heading into round three. 

On Sunday Hibler lined up with nine other young men and got a decent start but fell back to the end of the line early and wasn’t able to gain more than two spots finishing eighth on the day.  Sunday however did see Hibler put down faster lap times then Saturday by almost 20 seconds faster each lap over the previous day finishing six laps in 49 minutes vs. six laps in 52 minutes the day before. 

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