2022 Trent Adams R1 Primm Amateur Race Report

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FEBRUARY 4, 2022 – PRIMM, NV – Round 1 of WORCS 2022 was a breezy and brisk weekend, and also marked the first time I had ridden since Idaho’s race of last year. However, much to my surprise I found myself second off the line in the 15-29 sport C class and it wasn’t very long before I found myself leading the race, and continued to do so for the rest of the race. The track was extremely rough and towards the end I did find myself getting very exhausted, however I still managed to pull through and wound up getting first by a few minutes.

The Open C race of Sunday was more of the same story in terms of the start, however after I had gained the lead I made an effort to pace myself, this being paired with the track being much smoother due to our early race made for some great lap times. I managed to get through the final lap in the first place position and I couldn’t be happier because I frankly wasn’t expecting it at all!
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That being said, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for Recreation tires, who supply’s me with all of my gear, parts, etc. As well as my friends and family who do more than I could ever describe. Thank you everyone, I’m really looking forward to seeing the race family at Glen Helen!


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