DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler Opens Season with Women A Win

2022 Dakota Hibler R1 Primm Amateur Race Report 2

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JANUARY 18, 2022 – PRIMM, NV – The 2022 Season Opener held at Buffalo Bills in Primm, NV was a cold and windy start to the season.  DirtHalo Racing’s Dakota Hibler was primed and ready for her two new classes after moving up from Women B to Women A and leaving the Production C class to join the 15-29B class.  As the youngest racer in both classes, Dakota is aiming to become the youngest female in the series to win a championship.

Saturday saw Hibler line up with two other ladies in Women A and as soon as the green flag dropped Hibler took the first hole shot on the season and led from start to finish.

On Sunday Hibler lined up as the only female in the 15-29B class and got a great start heading out to the desert.  A mid lap crash with two other riders slowed the pace and Hibler had to regroup and fight to finish sixth on the day.  All in All, it was a great opening round to the season and Hibler looks forward to Round two.

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