Ethan Groom Sweeps the Doubleheader in Glen Helen – AMATEUR RACE REPORT

2021 Ethan Groom R78 Glen Helen Amateur Race Report

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OCTOBER 6, 2021 – DEVORE, CA – Was a great weekend! It was out first doubleheader of the year so we had our hands full between racing both days and getting the car prepped and washed in between days as well. Our weekend started off well with practice on Friday where we scouted out the track and found some good lines. We got a quick prep on the car and were ready for race #1 on Saturday. Our first race of the weekend was in the Sportsman class where I was able to bring home first overall starting on row 4. We found some good places to make some passes and were prepared for race #2 of the weekend, which was the Youth 1000 class. Our race started off a little slow with one of our worst starts to date. We were able to make the most of it by filling in on the inside and taking the outside in turn two and by the time we came to the third turn, I was sitting in second. I took my time to make the move and studied the guy ahead for about half a lap until I made my move on the short course track and asserted myself into first. From there we ran a smooth and consistent pace and after evading all the carnage, brought home P1. We were pumped to grab a win, but we knew we were only halfway done and still had a lot of work to do. We got the car prepped Saturday night and coming into Sunday, we were ready to go.

We had an even worse start on Sunday but we played it the same way and came out of turn two in 5th. We had an issue with my power steering going out and when I tried to hit the reset switch I accidentally killed the car. I was able to get the car restarted and everything ran fine except we fell back to last when I killed the car. I knew I had my work cut out for me, but I was able to make two passes real quick on the short course track and got four passes when everyone got bottled up due to a flipped car in a tight section of the track. I jumped straight down a vertical drop to get by and just like that, in less than half a lap, I went from last to first. From there we once again ran a safe and conservative pace and came home with the win once again. I couldn’t be happier with our results this week and am happy to extend our points lead again.

Huge thanks to Mike Emerson for coming out and spotting me both days, couldn’t have done it without you! Another huge thanks to Dave Tounget for coming out and helping prep my car after Saturday’s race and to the Padilla family for coming out and supporting me on Saturday. Thanks to my mom, my dad, my brother, Method Race Wheels, Tensor Tires, GMZ, IMS, 4WP, JTAS, Polaris Rzr, Monster Energy, Terra Dynamics, Benchmark Performance, Maxima, VP Racing Fuels, GSP, JVRP, Troy Lee Designs, Sparco, Temecula Motorsports, Sc14, Thrill Seekers, and CMI.

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