Preston, ID – June 4-6

Well it was great seeing a new track in Idaho. Flat tracks are usually not my favorite. But thanks to a few tips from a couple Pros, I was able to do very well. Two Holeshots & Two wins!!

Oh and how about that unclassified!! I haven’t been that muddy in a long time! Good times, right!?

The ProAm Holeshot didn’t disappoint. That’s probably the tightest overall hole shot that I’ve seen so far. As they were going into the holeshot corner, it really looked like Braxton Grosse had another one. But that corner had just gotten watered causing him to slip up the hill, allowing Brian Jackson to just barely edge him out. You could have thrown a blanket over the rest of the ProAm riders.

In the Pros, Beau Baron got the holeshot. I was looking at the start gate the day before and saw a slot that I thought Beau might take. And I wasn’t surprised to see him there on the Pro start line. I’m not gonna give away any secrets, but it is something that you would learn if you took Beau’s riding school. Just saying! lol

Special thanks to Chris “our announcer” and JD “at the finish line”. They helped out with calling the holeshots for the amateurs as I was a little shorthanded this round.

Well we’re off to another new track. Thankfully it’s up in the cooler area, Utah. This will be a brand-new track near Three Peaks @ Cedar City, Utah. If you have a mountain bike, there are some awesome trails right there at Three Peaks. Make sure you check out the WORCS website for all the info that you might need. Can’t wait to see what the WORCS guys have up their sleeves for us there.

See ya there!!
Thanks Again,
Rick Ellsworth

Lake Havasu City, AZ – March 21, 2021

Wow we really saw some big movement in the Eliminator HoleWhot standings. #17 Branden Schoeffel rocketed up to 2nd in the championship hunt. While #23 Braxton Grosse extended his lead. Another big mover was #319 Torey Matajcich, moving up to 5th overall. Bad break, literally, for Brian Jackson as he suffered an injury at a GNCC event that kept him out of this round. And honorable mention, #120 Gordon Tarnow moved up to 6th overall.

Holeshots at Honolulu Hills Raceway, Taft, are always exciting. Long approach and slam on the brakes going into a sweeping 180 degree turn. Good stuff for sure!

And lastly…. My favorite little racer, #18p Cadence Copenhaver. She was third off the line and got pinched to the inside going into the HoleWhot corner. But she held her line and came out on top for the Eliminator HoleShot!! It was impressive to watch. I predict a future Women’s A Champion right there!

See ya in Taft, Ca. for round #4.

Peoria, AZ – March 1, 2021 – Well talk about a wild HoleShot run for the Pro’s!  Thank God Kenny Sanford is ok.  He took a wild ride right past my sister.  If you haven’t seen the video, you’ve got to chick it out.  Congrats to Ricardo Gonzalez for getting the Pro HoleShot.  

As for the ProAm HoleShot.  That would be “the Kid”  Brian Jackson.  He really had the field covered this time.  Real good to see some new faces up in the mix. #17 Braden Schoeffel must have worked on his holeshots in the off season. He pulled a third off the line.  Also great to see Alex Ortez #603 back out there with a new ride.

Ok back to the HoleWhot T-shirt program. I officially have a new favorite racer. Her name is Cadence Copenhaver #18p. She races the 50cc 4-6 class. That girl is on fire when it comes to holeshots. She had at least a 5-6 quad lead on the rest of the field at the line. She also got the holeshot at the first round in Havasu. Matter of fact she is the very first girl to get an Eliminator Holeshot t-shirt. I predict that she will be a Women’s A Champion someday.   

We’ll see everyone in Havasu in a few weeks. Can’t wait!     

Lake Havasu City, AZ – Jan 15, 2021 – Well the excitement of the Eliminator Hole Shot reached all new levels with this opening round of the 2021 season. Yeah the ProAm’ers were excited about the increase to $100, but the real excitement came from all the amateur classes.

Darren, the starter, let me speak to all the racers just prior to their starts. It was so cool seeing the little kids bunching on their seats as I was telling them about the Hole Shot T-shirts.

The “First Official Boy” to claim his Hole Shot T-shirt was #25y Leighton Johnson of Winslow, Az.

And the reaction of some of the parents was priceless. You would have thought I just gave their kid a free year scholarship to college. LOL!! And one more….One person said they didn’t care if they got a WORCS trophy for the race. Their only goal was to get a Hole Shot T-shirt. (sorry Randy) lol.

Ok now the ProAm Hole Shot. Well if the first round is any sign of what is to come, I think it is going to be an awesome year. The Havasu Eliminator Hole Shot went to Braxton Grosse. I thought Brian Jackson was going to get him on the high side, but Brian told me that his bike got upset a little in the first corner. He slid up the hill and Cody Sanford slipped in to the second spot, putting him back to third. They were followed by Braden Schoeffel & Gordon Tarnow.

I really have to thank my sister, Suzan Minnicks. She said it took her a couple hours to make sure the results were correct. “Thx Suzie!!!!”

And finally….I want to give a shout out to Jason Rock and the whole Caliber Racing Team. They have joined the Hole Shot Program. They are also, “Eyes on the ground” during the Hole Shots for all the youth classes. Thx Guys!!!

Ok, it’s off to Canyon MX in Peoria, Az. we go. It will be interesting to see what the WORCS crew will do for the start. See you all there.

Thanks Again,
Rick Ellsworth

Point Standings Through Round 5

PRESS RELEASE 1/8/2021 – Well folks the 2021 racing season is upon us. This is going to be an epic season. Not only is it the 20th anniversary of WORCS Racing it’s also my racing number #21. LOL.

I am so excited to make a few announcements concerning the “Eliminator ATV ProAm HoleShot”. Last year’s Holeshot was a great success and this year is going to be even bigger & better. 

2021 ATV Round Holeshot T-Shirt
2021 ATV Round Holeshot Flag
Tireblocks Logo
Eliminator Wasp Logo

I laid out a challenge for others to get involved and give back to the sport somehow as well. Well at the Banquet this year two people came to me wanting to team up with the Holeshot program. So I am very excited to announce that Kenny Sanford with TireBlocks & Mike Hrubetz of H&H Pro Coatings are onboard!! They are matching the money that I put in. Thank You very much Kenny and Mike!!

So that brings us to how the 2021 Holeshot season is going to happen.

1: The Holeshot award for each round will be increased to……… $100!! Everything else will basically remain the same (year-end money: 1st $500, 2nd $300, & 3rd. $100) And the rules remain the same for determining positioning (how you are placed in the WORCS’ ProAm standings).

But here is the really BIG announcement; Eliminator Racing, TireBlocks, & H&H Pro Coating have decided to bring back the “Holeshot T-Shirts”. We were pretty sure that we would be able to cover the kids classes. But after reviewing the costs involved and an additional anonymous donation, we will be able to cover all the amateur classes as well. I don’t know about you, but I cherish my old Holeshot t-shirts!! Also that brings me to the next challenge. We are going to need a few volunteers to get the hole shots for all these classes.

See you at Havasu!!

Rick Ellsworth


Eliminator Pest Control has announced for 2021, the ATV Pro-am Hole shot Championship. PLUS, a class each round will be selected to win holeshot prizes!

Racers will have the opportunity to win cash! Each round will be tallied as follows:

6 points for HOLESHOT
5 points for 2nd
4 points for 3rd
3 points for 4th
2 points for 5th
1 point for 6th through last

At the end of the year, the Eliminator Pest Control Pro-am Hole shot Champion will be crowned!
1st – $500
2nd – $300
3rd – $100


Big shout out to Rick Ellsworth and the Eliminator Pest Control for providing this awesome opportunity to recognize our amazing and talented ATV racers.

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