Taylor Robert Wins Third Straight at Mesquite MX WORCS

Mesquite, NV – Taylor Robert kept his streak alive by winning his third consecutive Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series Presented by Polaris RZR and Dirt Bike Pro Motorcycle race of the season. Dante Oilveira was second, ahead of Cole Martinez. Dalton Shirey and Zach Bell rounded out the top five. Mateo Oliveira won Pro 2, Jake Alvarez finished first in Pro 2 Lites, and Brandy Richards moved her win streak to three in Pro Women.


The race weekend was held at Mesquite MX and marked the return of the WORCS motorcycle series after being delayed by COVID-19. Along with the track’s well-known motocross track, the circuit featured a sizeable off-road section that included deep sand and rough terrain. The track also had a special Pro section that had a drop-off into a line near the river. Temperatures were in the triple digits on race day, giving racers another challenge.


Dante Oliveira ripped off the holeshot but overcooked the second and turn and fell to fourth. That put Robert into the lead. From there Robert ran a torrid pace on his KTM to gap the field by the second lap and he cruised in for an easy win. “I knew it was going to be hot and physically demanding so I just got out front and tried to push hard for the first two laps,” said Robert. “The back section was typical Mesquite. It had really deep sand and it was rough, just the way I like it. They added a cool Pro section with a drop off down to the river. I’m glad to get through another round.”


In fact, Robert, along with the rest of the field, was happy just to be back racing. The previous round was held at the end of February before being interrupted by social distancing measures forced by the pandemic.  “It’s been kind of crazy, training without knowing when the next race was going to be,” said Robert. “It feels good to be back after it and to pick up where I left off.”


Oliveira picked up the pace on his KTM from fourth and quickly began to gain ground. Late in the race, Bell experienced mechnical issues with his Kawasaki, allowing Oliveira to snag second, earning his second runner-up finish of the season.


“I tried to set a pace and stick to it,” said Oliveira. “I didn’t have any get-offs or crashes, and this was a good comeback from my last race. I’m pumped to be back racing; I was getting tired of sitting on the couch.”


Martinez is in his rookie WORCS season riding a Honda, but it would be hard to know from the way he’s been riding. He notched his second straight third-place finish here after also passing Bell. He said the off-road section was especially challenging but he quickly got the hang of it.


“This was probably one of the toughest races I’ve ever done,” said Martinez. “With the heat and that off-road stuff is deep, rough and hot. I’m just chipping away to try to get back into this championship.”


In Pro 2, Mateo Oliveira scored his first win of the season on a KTM. Points leader Mason Ottersberg was second but was disqualified for cutting the inside of the course. That elevated Tallon LaFountaine to second, ahead of Austin Serpa.


“I’m happy to be on top of the box. The track was super good, and it suited my style really well,” he said. “It was heating up out there and the track was getting rough so I just tried to stay smooth.”


LaFountaine left it all on the track as he needed medical attention for heat exhaustion once he took the checkered flag.


Serpa took the holeshot, but fell back early. After pitting during the middle stages of the event, Serpa got a second wind and climbed his way up to third from sixth. “I fell back to sixth at one point and the first half of the race was definitely not on lock,” said Serpa. “After the pits a couple of riders faded and I made my way back up. This class is the most stacked with talent I’ve ever seen. It’s insane.”


In Pro 2 Lites, Ottersberg’s teammate Tyler Lynn finished first after a dominating but was also disqualified. That handed Alvarez the WORCS victory on his Kawasaki. Brothers Will and Angus Riordan rounded out the podium.


“I’m a little bummed out to take the win this way; Tyler definitely deserved the win,” said Alvarez. “Rules are rules and things happen. The win is good for Kawasaki and it’s good for me.”


Will Riordan was happy to beat out his brother. The runner-up finish was his best so far this season and marked his first podium of 2020. “Beating my brother makes this even better,” remarked Will Riordan. “We ride together all the time and we run a similar pace. The first few laps were fun. I had lots of energy, but then it got and hot and rough.”


Angus Riordan scored his third podium of the season. Consistency has been key for the Aussie racer as he has finished third of better in every race this season. “I prefer this type of racing and I’m usually better at it than my brother,” he said. “The hardest part of the race was the last lap, but I really enjoyed it.”


In Pro Women, Brandy Richards rode her KTM to her third consecutive victory, ahead of Lauren Woods, and Eva Silvestri. Richards had to deal with visibility issues on the first lap but made quick work of the race.


“Being able to see was the hardest part of the race,” said Richards. “We were the fourth line today so going into the off-road was just a wall of dust. The moto track allowed me to relax and cool down. It was a good race.”

The continuation of the 2020 WORCS motorcycles season is once again postponed, so enjoy your summer break, and we look forward to seeing everyone in September at Glen Helen Raceway.

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