Announcing the 2020 Eliminator Pest Control Pro-am ATV Hole shot Championship

2020 Eliminator Holeshot Champion

Eliminator Pest Control has announced for 2020, the ATV Pro-am Holeshot Championship. Racers will have the opportunity to win cash! Each round will be tallied as follows:

6 points for HOLESHOT
5 points for 2nd
4 points for 3rd
3 points for 4th
2 points for 5th
1 point for 6th through last

Tie-breaker will be based on current series point standings.

This is now part of the the per round $50 cash prize Holseshot winner presented by Eliminator Pest Control.

Havasu Report – Havasu’s hole shot was very exciting to watch for the Pro-Am’ers. The Eliminator Race Team had three photo angles for this one and it took many slow-mo’s and rewinds to finally get the top 5.  And it’s really funny, I was giving Kenny Sanford Jr. a bunch of crap about his lack of performance “lol”.  And he finally pulled the hole shot here.  It was close.  He almost looped it after the corner and “The Kid” Brian Jackson almost got him.   Ya you heard it right,  I am officially giving Brian Jackson the Nickname….”The Kid”. Oh and by the way,  we have a new points leader…
1:   “The Kid”2:   Dylan Sloan3:   Kenny Sanford4:   Cody Sanford5:   Tavion Graham
6 & 7 are tied Erin Simmons and Jered Middlebrooks.  I guess age most be playing a part in this.  Reaction times slow down as we get older.   LOL..  Maybe for them, I personally got Two hole shots on that weekend.   @64strong.  
Well I can’t wait for the Mesquite round.  So dust off the cobwebs and let’s get back at it.  


Round 4 – Cody Sanford / Mesquite Eliminator Pest Control Holeshot Winner
Round 3 - Havasu Eliminator Pest Control Holeshot Winner
Round 3 – Kenny Sanford / Havasu Eliminator Pest Control Holeshot Winner

At the end of the year, the Eliminator Pest Control Pro-am Holeshot Champion will be crowned!
1st – $500
2nd – $300
3rd – $100

Big shout out to Rick Ellsworth and the Eliminator Pest Control for providing this awesome opportunity to recognize our amazing and talented ATV racers.

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