WORCS Would Like To Welcome Hoosier Tire West To The Sponsor Family

We are excited to welcome @hoosiertirewest to the WORCS Sponsor family! They will be at every motorcycle round to service all your race tire needs.

“Tires Designed For Champions” Stop by and pick up the newest racing compound tire 🤙

Hoosier Racing Tire produces Motocross tires with the same quality and performance as our spec catalog lineup. Make a great investment and take full advantage with better starts, more control braking bumps and increased corner speed to get back to the throttle faster. Riders demanding more stability, performance and a competitive edge – shop now -www.hoosiertirewest.com #whatareyouwaitingfor #hoosier #racing #tires #designed #for #champions #madeinusa

Hoosier Tire West

Hoosier Tire Logo


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