James O’Neal III – Factory HISUN finishes 1st Full Year of Racing

2019 Review James ONeal Amateur Race Report

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James O’Neal III – Factory HISUN backed 7 year old finishes 1st Full Year of Racing w/ a Solid 4th place for 2019 WORCS!! #TOP5

Youth SXS 250 Stock 6-8, Youth SXS 250 Production

With the End of 2019 wrapped up, James O’Neal III #127 completes his 1st Full Year of Racing; Finishing Strong with a Solid Top 5 for the 2019 Season.
Youth SXS 250 Stock 6-8 = 4th overall 2019
Youth SXS 250 Production = 16th overall 2019

James ran the 250 Production Class only 3 times & in his Stock Car, mainly just to get that Valuable Seat time, and Gain as much experience as possible while coming into 2020, as the only Factory backed Youth SXS Racer known of.

World SXS Finals, James didn’t have the finishes he set out for. Had major problems with Tear-Off malfunctions & couldn’t see for half the race on the short course track & then again the following day.. Was up front battling with 2nd & 3rd, then to loose a bunch of time, again due to Tear-Offs & couldn’t pull visor up; which forced him to pull off the track for Help.
He salvaged a 7th in the Desert section; Most importantly he came back just less than 45 min later & Ran the 250 Production class (only 7 year old to run both classes) Racing a total of 75 min in the Desert Section of the Course , with some very challenging terrains & conditions… This kid busted out his very Best Finish of the Entire year 2019 in the Youth SXS 250 Production Class with all kids anywhere from 2-5 years older than him & at least triple the amount of experience as him as well.. This kid made some Major Improvements & has shown Extensive Growth behind the wheel & Is gonna be 1 to watch out for in 2020, as a Top Contender in the Youth SXS 250 Stock 6-8, along with his Good Friend Jackson Mandle who is also 7 years old. (just a few weeks apart).

It will be very exciting to see what he does now in the Production Class with a little more Power under him.

2020 James’ will embark on a journey as the Factory HISUN Motors Corp. #strike250 Driver #127 Premiering in the Youth SXS 250 Stock 6-8 class &
Debuting his Brand New addition to the team #strike250 #7 in the Youth SXS 250 Production 6-12 class.

Driving a Real mod is all new for James’ there is a lot more power under him to navigate, he is having a lot of fun in it & Can’t wait to get back out on that track with all his buddies, and especially cant wait to make his official Debut in his new Modified Car #250production.

@jamesoneal127 (INSTA)
@littlejamesoneal127 (FB)

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk0BAPk9yrUrMw4T5NL8thg/videos

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