Triston Powell Wins First Championship First Year Racing!

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Buffalo Bill’s – Primm, NV (11/24/2019) 

Saturday’s Race Report (Sport 15-29C) – Heading into this race I was 1st in points by 11 points. I took off the line in 1st and got passed for 1st mid way through the MX track. I sat in 2nd for the next lap and a half. 3rd passed me after battling for the lap. Middle of 2nd lap I landed off the ski jump along the road 5th gear and landed in a deep hole and almost barrel rolled the quad. The exhaust snapped from the impact and the exhaust finally fell off about a mile or two later. The thing was stupidly loud and of course I instantly lost all power. I pushed and pulled in to the pit beginning of the final lap. We decided to throw in the towel so we didn’t blow the motor. But little did I know all I had to was finish the race to secure the championship. It was exciting to be able to cheer on the boys as they went out on their last lap.

Sunday’s Race Report (Production C) – Heading into this race I was tied in 2nd for points. All I had to do was beat number 63. This race there was only 3 of us in this class. I missed a gear on the start and was in last heading into the 1st turn. I tried passing 63 but wasn’t able too. I followed him for the next 2 laps, yelling, and showing him that I was behind him. I passed him and by that point I had to make up a lot of time. I pushed my heart out, and felt as good as I ever have. I put a around a minute and a half lead on him. 1st place had broke down and I passed her. The final lap was awesome, clean, and fun.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors, family, friends, and all my other supporters this year! Sponsors-  GBC Motorsports TireBlocks Blud lubricants O’neal EKS Brand Acerbis  Gopro Alba Racing IMS Products

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