The Family that Races Together…Has Fun Together!

Heald Family at WORCS!

Kim Lessing wanted to give a big shout out to the Heald Family. Joe (Dad), Dena (Mom), Kourtney (Daughter) and Kyle (Son) all raced their dirt bikes at the first round of WORCS this weekend at MesquiteMX. It’s really cool that their entire family raced (sometimes at the same time).

We love racing WORCS because we are able to enjoy great racing with a fun family atmosphere. We have met some wonderful families at the WORCS races and the Heald Family is both nice and inspiring! What a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your family! We are looking forward to watching their entire family race throughout the year and hoping other WORCS racers will join us in cheering for them too! Go Team Heald!

Joe Heald (Dad) raced the 40+B Class
Dena (Mom) raced the Women C Class
Kourtney (Daughter) raced the Women B Class and the 15-29 Sport C Class
Kyle (Son) raced the 65 B Class and Mini Open B Class

Kyle Heald Instagram @opie16


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