Announcing WORCS Amateur Race Reports!

Be an integral part of the growing WORCS family and community!!  Submit your amateur race reports to be featured on the WORCS website and social media! (Details and instructions below.)

WORCS wouldn’t exist without each and everyone of our amateur racers, family, friends and sponsor supports. Whether you are out there just to have fun, compete with your friends or working hard to get to the next level of racing, WORCS wants to make sure your hard work and dedication gets the recognition it deserves.

Any and all classes are encouraged to submit! Take that pros!

Just a few guidelines when submitting: (Race reports submitted without the proper information will not be posted.)

  1. Subject line of email must include “Amateur Race Report – Class, Round #, Race Location and Year”.
  2. “Title” of your race report.
  3. When submitting a race report, it must include the top three racers from the class you are submitting for written out in list form or in the body of the report.
  4. Must include at least two pictures. One of the pictures must include other racers in the class.
  5. Short story (or as long as you like) about the race.
  6. Quotes from the racer or racers would be a awesome!
  7. You may include video links.
  8. You made include your hashtags and or social media information as well.
  9. And that’s it! Send to todd @



Subject Line: Amateur Race Report – MC65B, Round 10, Primm NV, 2016

Title: Tristun Alvarez gets the whole shot and Jett Lessing gets the win!

Race Report: Primm, NV – It was an exciting race for the MC 65 B class! Tristun Alvarez on his KTM got the whole shot with a quick start. The 35 minute race featured a lot of exciting action with lots of lead changes but in the end Jett Lessing, #6Y on his KTM came across with the win!

Jett said, “In the end, I pushed as hard as I could and feeling great about getting the win. Can’t wait for the 2018 season. I’d really like to thank my parents for all their help with an awesome 2016 season!”

Third place went to Luke Lopiccolo on his KTM in another hard fought battle.

@jettlessing @tristunalvarez

(Race reports are not submitted properly they will not be posted
and returned to you for corrections.)

Can’t wait for them to start rolling in!