Transponder Returns

Q. I took my transponder home with me! How do I return it?

A. It happens! In the chaos of packing up and heading out, transponders can go home with you on accident. Per WORCS policy, if transponders are not returned by close of the registration trailer on Sunday, your transponder deposit will be charged for the $250 you agreed to when you signed your transponder out.

You may return it (And don’t forget the clip! The clip is $5.) to WORCS and upon the transponder reaching the WORCS main office, you will receive a $225 back minus the $25 loss of use and processing charge and an additional $5 if you don’t send back the clip as well.

Simply send it to us with your name, the name on the credit card that was used, racer’s name and the round # and we will refund your deposit as quickly as we can.  Please allow 5-7 business days for the credit to show up on your credit card statement.

Mail Transponders to: (It is highly recommended that you get a tracking number when returning.)

Off Road Sports, LLC
1227 W. 4370 S.
Hurricane, UT 84737

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