Seth Quintero Wins WORCS Rd. 1, 700 Class… in a 570!

Via Seth Quintero Facebook Page:

The 2016 season came quick! So excited to be back out there doing what I love. Moving up from the 170 class to the 700 production class for my RZR 570 rookie year. The team headed to Taft this weekend for the first round of the WORCS racing series. Just like past years it was cold and cloudy ,but the track conditions were perfect! After getting our pit set up we headed out to practice. This was not only practice for me, but it was also the first time I was able to shake down my 570. Practice went great and we made only a few minor adjustments. K&T Performance did an awesome job on getting my motor all dialed in. The motor ran great with no issues all weekend. Muzzys Performance hooked me up with an exhaust and you could hear me screaming around the hills of Taft.

This year we were bummed to hear that WORCS had decided to eliminate the production 600 class from the series and the only class close to that was the 700 Production class. Huge differnce in horse power. That left the question for me “Where do I go”? We had already purchased the 570 earlier in the year thinking there would be a class for me. So the only thing we could do is either buy another SXS that was equilvant to the 700 production class or take our chances and run against the bigger SXS’s in what we have. After much talk we decided as a race team that we would race what we had and do our best to get up on the podium.

Race day came and everyone had the first race of the season jitters. Not only was it the first race of the year but coming in as an underdog really gets the butterflies going. We hit the starting line about a 1/2 hour before race time and waited for the green flag to drop.

I was second off the line on the drop but by the time we got to the first turn I was pushed to the outside had fallen back to 4th. I was able to pass 3rd and 2nd by the first table top and was on the bumper of first place by the next turn. First place and I battled it out for almost the whole race. He kept the lead most of the time with just 2 lead changes between us at taht time. On the second to last lap I was able to pass him in a corner coming around some lap traffic and took the lead. After that I checked out until I heard some bagging coming from below my feet. I took it out of 4 wheel drive and finished the race in 2 wheel drive and crossed the finish line with a broken drive shaft!

Starting a new season in a new class with a win was so rewarding and a confiedence boost. Racing is what I love and no matter the challenges I am up against I will take it, always try my hardest, stay humble and have great time doing it!

Next Round is in Primm Neveda and I love this one. The course has a little Lucas, a little motorcross, and a little desert all rolled into one race!

I want to thank My Family and Friends for always supporting me when it comes to racing. I want to thank Red Bull Team Associated for all the support this year! I want to thank Magnum Offroad, LLC for building me the best , lightest, safest cage around!!

I want to thank GMZ Race Products Inc. for sending me all new tires for this race. They got me off that line quick and no flats! I want to thank Super ATVfor the axles that held up the entire race. Thank you to PRP Seats for hooking me up with safe and comfortable race seats, belts and window nets. Thank you to Active Screenprinting for our team shirts to wear. Thank you to my Uncle Carlos and Uncle JB for doing everthing they could to get my car ready to race. Thank you to my G and Papa for letting us use your shop, tools, and employees and cheering me on from Hawaii! And to my parents for letting live my dream no matter the sacrafice. I would not be here if it wasnt for you.

See everyone for round 2!!

Meanwhile, Skyler Bulloch’s children were carrying on the family racing tradition. Skyler Bulloch finished second in the Side by Side Production 700 race. Stockton Bulloch nabbed a fourth-place finish in Side by Side Youth 250 Production. Look for these two as they graduate through the side by side racing ranks. Skyler would like to thank Super ATV, Walker Evans Racing, Polaris, HCR Racing, Triple S Polaris, Bulloch Dirt Works, Lucas Oil, Tire Blocks, Maxxis, DW Performance, Joe Owen Motorsports,

SXS Youth 700 Prod – Class Results
Place Nbr Name Overall Pos Points Earned Fastest Lap Laps Elasped Time
1 25 05:07.734
Lap 6
8 00:44:14.018
2 22 05:11.312
Lap 2
8 00:44:24.293
4 20 06:00.187
Lap 2
7 00:45:56.809
DNF 0 05:18.684
Lap 2
2 00:11:24.786


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