David Haagsma Takes Glen Helen WORCS Pro ATV Win

San Bernardino, CA – H&M Motorsports’ David Haagsma charged his way to the top of the Pro ATV podium at round number eight of the 2014 Rocky Mountain MC World Off-Road Championship Series Presented by Motoworks and Dirt Wheels with his teammate Beau Baron finishing second and Robbie Mitchell in third.

The heat for this round was almost unbearable with temps reaching 111 degrees, which caused half of the field in most classes to not finish their race due to either heat induced rider fatigue and/or mechanical issues.

This was the first time that officials had both the Pro and Pro-am classes line up and take off together, which was a little different for everyone, and  David Haagsma grabbed the holeshot

Maxxis’ David Haagsma held the lead from start to finish to secure his second win of the season.

Beau Baron was one that got caught up in the course routing issue at the beginning of the race and fell back to fourth place. Despite the setback, Baron was able to make his way around Row and take over the second spot.

Robbie Mitchell got off to a descent start, and he was able to work his way into the third spot, which he held to the checkered flag for take his second podium finish of the year.

With the hot weather being an issue for everyone, racers were pulling out all the stops to try and beat the heat, but no one could top Garrin Fuller for his ingenuity. Fuller had set up a swimming pool in his pit area and hopped off his quad and into the pool to cool down when he stopped to pit. It seemed to do the trick as Fuller was able to hang on for a fourth place finish.

In the Pro-am class, JRi’s David Flores beat the heat and took the top spot on the pro-am podium. Flores was in second off the start behind Mike Sloan. Flores stayed close and in the third lap, Sloan had a mechanical failure and had to pull off. Sloan’s misfortune allowed Flores to take the lead. Once out front, Flores pulled a one minute lead over his competition and took the Pro-am win.

Ryan Waldo claimed his fourth Pro-am podium finish of the season after a last place start, but he didn’t give up and despite losing a header pipe, and claimed a second place finish. Matt Hancock charged his way to the number three spot on the Pro-am podium.

The final round of the 2014 Rocky Mountain MC World Off-Road Championship Series will head to Buffalo Bill’s in Primm, NV on October 17-19th where hopefully only the competition will be hot and racers will get a break as they battle for their championship points.


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