Beau Baron Wins SxS Pro Class at Sand Hollow

Hurricane, UT – Holz Racing’s Beau Baron claims his second WORCS SxS Pro class win of the season at round four of the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series presented by Motoworks and Dirtwheels.  Mitch Guthrie Jr, and Nick Thompson rounded out the WORCS Racing SxS Pro Podium.

Round four of the WORCS Series was held at Sand Hollow State Park, which presented unique terrain for racers as they battled through the sand and sandstone over a six mile long course, and 75 WORCS SxS racers signed up to compete for an hour long race in the sand on Saturday.

The SxS Pro class was first off the line with Sparks Racing’s Beau Baron grabbing the holeshot in the first of three rows of SxS pro racers. Baron remained unchallenged for the majority of the race until Mitch Guthrie Jr. began to close the gap on the last lap. Lapped racers in the final lap, would cost Baron the lead briefly to Guthrie Jr, but Baron was then able to regain the lead when Guthrie Jr also got stuck behind a lapper. Once Baron recaptured the lead, he held it to the checkered flag for his second win of the season, which extended his points lead to ten points over Guthrie Jr. in the WORCS SxS Pro class championship race.

Mitch Guthrie claimed his third podium finish of the season with a second place finish behind Baron after a nearly taking the win in the final lap.  Guthrie was able to get by Baron in lapped traffic, but Guthrie suffered the same fate in the final miles of the lap, which dropped him back into the second spot, which he held to the checkered flag.

Rounding out the SxS Pro podium, ITP’s Nick Thompson earned his first WORCS podium finish after starting on the third row of a total of 29 Pro SxS Racers. With adjusted times, Thompson was able to charge his way up through the pack and capture the final spot on the podium.

Loan Mart’s RJ Anderson finished in fourth just a few seconds behind third place finisher Nick Thompson. FOX’s Ryan Piplic was on the gas early on as he charged his way into the second spot behind Beau Baron, but a bent tie-rod ended his charge for the podium, but he held on to claim a fifth place finish.

In the SXS 1000 class, Pro Motorsports’ Matt Hancock grabbed the holeshot, but he was later passed by Haagsma, but Haagsma snapped both of his rear axles in the final lap, which allowed Hancock to regain the lead for the win, which also boosted Hancock into the points lead over Haagsma.

Ben Hoopes started on the second row, and with adjusted time, he finished an impressive second place ahead of Mike Gardner.

Danny Rosenzweig winning streak in the SxS 850 class came to an end with a tire failure in the first lap,  and ITP’s Chris Willing took advantage of the situation and claimed his first win of the season followed by Jim Berry and Chris Elias.

Round five of the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series presented by Motoworks and Dirtwheels series will head to Ridgecrest, California on May 10th as the 2014 WORCS season heads into the second half of the nine round series.

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