Josh Frederick

WORCS family,

As many of you know Josh Frederick was injured in the final hours at Rnd 3. He suffered a broken back at T5 and is currently paralyzed from the waist down. The road ahead for him and his family will present many challenges. The off road community and WORCS family has expressed a desire to help and there is a plan being built now with his family and team to make that happen. It will need to be one program to be the most effective for him and his support group. Later this week after working with the family a benefit event will be announced and a fund raising account will be opened. We are working closely with his team to make the event happen and will give the details this week. A custom Josh (The Animal) Frederick shirt and hat is already being printed as we speak. Those will be available soon as well. Every dollar that we can generate towards his benefit account will make Josh’s number one battle easier every day. In speaking with him he is ready to do that and wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Working as one unit we will make a huge impact like he has made on all of us.

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