WORCS Round 2 Pro ATV Race Report

Primm, NV – Round two of the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS series took place at the Buffalo Bills Casino in Primm, NV. Ten pros took to the starting line to face a brutally rough track; Beau Baron showed why he’s the defending champion by taking an impressive win over Josh Frederick and Josh Row.

The temperatures were unseasonably cool and a chilly breeze blew through the pits all day. The track was extremely rough and the ATV’s had to conquer the trophy truck track and choppy sand along with a paved supermoto section each lap. Gnarly whoops and brutal square edges were frequent testing each racers endurance and stamina throughout the one hour and forty five minute race.

H&M Motorsport’s Beau Baron took his first ATV win of the season with forty five seconds to spare. A dead engine start lead Baron to get off the line in sixth position. Thick dust made it difficult for the racer to make, so Baron had to work his way around several top guys the last being his teammate, David Haagsma. Baron was able to make the final pass on Haagsma on the trophy truck section of the track. He railed a turn to pass his teammate and take over the lead. Baron continued with the hammer down and took his second win of the weekend. Baron also won the Pro Production SxS class on Saturday.

DWT’s Josh Frederick didn’t get off to the best start, but he didn’t let that deter him from battling to the front. Frederick began making progress through the pack and was soon battling with Josh Row for the third spot. The battled went on for a few laps, each taking turns in the top three until lap nine when they both made the pass on Haagsma. In the following lap, Frederick made the pass stick on Row heading into a turn to take over the second spot, which he held to the checkered flag.

Yamaha’s Josh Row got off the line in second position behind his teammate, Dustin Nelson. Row dropped back a few spots with both Baron and Frederick making the pass on Row toward the end of the race, but Row held on to claim the final spot on the podium, which is the first time since 2010.

Maxxis Tire’s David Haagsma took fourth place. He got off to a good start and even led the race on lap four, but the racer began to fatigue and fell back in the later laps. “There are no excuses; my Honda was working awesome, but I just couldn’t stay with those guys today,” said Haagsma.

Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson started out the race by grabbing both the holeshot and the lead. Nelson led for the first three laps and put in the fastest lap of the race on lap one, a 08:33.953. Nelson kept up his staggering pace until lap four when he caught his foot on his peg and twisted his knee. The racer was in a lot of pain and it took some time for him to regroup, but Nelson still was able to capture a top five finish.

In the Pro-Am ATV class Mike Sloan took his first ever Pro-Am win. The Page, AZ racer got the holeshot but spun out a few turns into the race and was passed. He managed to get back by all of his competitors and rode consistently to take the class win. Cody Mitchell took second place. The Nevada racer was happy to get second because he had to deal with mechanical issues throughout the race. Mitchell was followed by Bryce Peart. Peart got a mid-pack start and worked his way into third and stayed there until the checkers.

Despite the brutal track that the racers conquered at Buffalo Bills they are all pumped to head to round three at Crazy Horse in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The battle is sure to be fierce as defending champion and points leader Beau Baron fights for his title with his teammate David Haagsma and former champion Josh Frederick not far behind.



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