WORCS 2013 SXS PRO Class

WORCS announces formation of the SxS Pro Production class.  A $2000 purse is posted per round and the payout will go down to 5th place. 1st $800, 2nd $500, 3rd $400 4th $200 and 5th $100. The SxS Pro Production (maximum displacement of 1000cc) class will start in the same event at the Production 1000 but out front on their own rows. The number plate color will be blue with yellow numbers in accordance with the ORS rules for pro classes. Entry fee will be $100.

Other cash payouts for all SxS classes are; Can Am Contingency Program, Holz Racing contingencies, Maxxis Tire Contingency, Elka Suspension Contingency, DWT Contingency and more to come. It pays to race the WORCS SxS program.

“I am really excited to start a Pro class for this part of the WORCS program. SxS participation has grown to unprecedented levels and we expect to see 90 cars at some events in 2013. Combine this with the new Super Event format and many motorcycle cross over racers will now be able to compete for their own piece of the SxS cash pie.” Sean Reddish ORS race director.

About WORCS:  The WORCS program began in 2001. The ENTIRE WORCS CREW share the same passion for off road racing as all of you do, working towards bringing off road racing the fame and fortune it deserves. Our mission statement: “…Bring professionalism, integrity, quality, and most of all fun to each and every round, all the while staying true to the family oriented grass roots environment that off road racing is all about. “

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