Yorba Wins Pro 2 Lites at Pala WORCS


Joe Colombero

The best race of the day may have been in the Pro 2 Lites class as three riders fought for the win. Eric Yorba, Evan Kelly and Brandon Leith all took turns leading the race with Yorba holding the lead when the checkered flag came out. Yorba relentlessly worked his way forward from a mid-pack start and steadily closed in on the leaders, taking the win in front of Leith in second place.

“I Got the lead and on the last lap with three turns to go ran out of gas and had to push the bike two turns to the pits and get gas and still was able to get the win,” said Yorba. “I’m pumped on my weekend. I’m ready for the next round!”

Leith led early on and had a race-long battle with Pro Circuit/Yamaha mounted Evan Kelly. Both riders exchanged the lead over the course of the 1 ½ hours main event and both fell victim to Yorba’s late-race charge.

Yorba took the win with Leith second and Kelly third. Leith holds on to the points lead for the WORCS Pro 2 Lites Championship with 159/3 wins, Yorba is closing the gap with 140/3 wins, and Kelly with 138/1 win.

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