Yorba Takes WORCS Pro 2 Lites in Utah

by Joe Colombero

Eric Yorba Took the Pro 2 Lites victory at WORCS 7 in Utah. Yorba battled all race long with Evan Kelly and took the win by making fewer mistakes on the technical off-road course.

Kelly for his part suffered a flat tire and a few soil-samples but hung on for second. Cody Fendly took third and was the youngest rider on the podium all day at 14 years old. Pointโ€™s leader Brandon Lieth took fourth with Clint Miglia rounding out the top five.

With seven rounds in the books, Leith leads the points chase with 137/3 wins ahead of Ryan Sandoval 119/1 win. Kelly is closing in with 118/1 win just in front of Yorba with 115/2 wins.


1. Eric Yorba (KTM)

2. Evan Kelly (Yam)

3. Cody Fendley (Hon)

4. Brandon Leith (Kaw)

5. Clint Miglia (Yam)

6. Richard Dean Mannschreck (Hon)

7. Dylan Osborne (Kaw)

8. Starr Savage (KTM)

9. Ryan Sandoval (Yam)

10. Dustin McCarthy (Kaw)


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