WORCS 9 – Brown’s Perfect Weekend


Joe Colombero

One of the rarest occurrences in sports is perfection. In baseball, it’s the perfect game when no player ever gets on base, in motorcycling, it’s the perfect race. On October 15-16 for WORCS round 9 at Racetown in Adelanto, Mike Brown had not one, but two perfect races. In race #1 Brown got the holeshot, led every lap, was never passed, not even for a single corner, then he took the checkered flag still perfectly clean and without a speck of dust or roost on him. It was a perfect, race. Then on October 16th for race #2 of WORCS round 9, Brown did it all again for the perfect weekend.

The only man to keep Brown in sight was second place finisher Bobby Garrison. Garrison went 2-2 over the weekend for second overall and a stellar return to the podium to announce his full recovery from the injuries he suffered earlier this season.

Third overall with a 4-4 score went to Justin Soule. Soule had good and bad luck races, getting good starts and then crashing hard, but he kept picking himself up and charging forward. The hard work and the beating paid off with another podium for one of the most talented rider in the series.

Gary Sutherlin took fourth overall with a 3-6 score for round 9; it was Sutherlin’s best finish ever after scoring his first podium in Race #1.

Sore and beat up from a brutal crash in race #1, Kurt Caselli put in another heroic ride to finish third in Sunday’s race. His combined score resulted in an 8 -3 finish for fifth overall.

Robby Bell finished sixth with Ryan Abbatoye taking seventh, Destry Abbott eighth, Dustin Nelson (WORCS ATV Pro rider) ninth and Ryan Reina tenth.

Taylor Robert never made it back to the track, hospitalized on Saturday; Taylor traveled home to see his own doctors on Sunday and hopes to return for the WORCS final next month in Arizona.

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