X Games 17 WORCS Style

We just wanted to say congratS to the WORCS pros brownthat made the Main event at the first ever Enduro X games competition. With Mike Brown taking Silver, Justin Soule taking Bronze it was a great show. Destry Abbott and Kurt Caselli leave today to race for America at ISDE but not after having epic battles during the X games main event. We also want to shout out to all the other WORCS racers that made the event list.

Men’s Moto X Enduro X Finals Results

Rank Name Time
Taddy Blazusiak | Watch Video | Interview Video 546.439
Mike Brown 560.93
Justin Soule 573.448
4 Joakim Ljunggren 581.829
5 Geoff Aaron 588.979
6 Destry Abbott 592.518
7 Kurt Caselli 682.279
8 Cody Webb 688.735
9 Taylor Robert 714.467
10 Kevin Rookstool 719.693

WORCS Womens Pro Champion Kacy Martinez also took home X Games Bronze in the Womens Pro event and past WORCS champion Maria Forsburg took home the gold.

Women’s Moto X Enduro X Finals Results


Final Group 1A
Rank Name Time
Maria Forsberg | Watch Video | Interview Video 511.375
Tarah Gieger 577.734
Kacy Martinez 601.286
4 Elizabeth Bash 691.406
5 Amanda Mastin 775.897
6 Sara Price 791.798
7 Ashley Crouch 856.562


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