Yorba Returns with a Win in Pro 2 Lites

by Joe Colombero

Eric Yorba surprised everyone by winning the Pro 2 Lites at WORCS round 6. Yorba, whose prior best finish was a third, handled the fast and technical Honey Lake course with style and took his first Pro 2 Lites win ahead of Evan Kelly and Ty Tremaine. Fourth went to David Broderick with Jake Blum fifth, Matt Winslow sixth, Dylan Wallsmith seventh, Killian Woder eighth, Jeremy Steward Nineth, and Donevin Steele tenth.

2011-RND6-worcs6.2122 500x331.jpg

β€œI got a good start and then took over the lead,” said Yorba. β€œThen I got a flat and had to ride with a flat for most of the race. Then I got caught by Tremaine and we had a good race. I kept on it and rode in for the win.”

Kelly holds the Pro 2 Lites points lead with 111/1 win over Ty Tremaine with 100/1 win, and Steve Gibson with 79.


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