Kelly Takes Over

Pro 2 Lites

In Pro 2 Lites Even Kelly put in a dominate performance for the win ahead of Trevor Deruise and Jesse Gore. The victory put Kelly into the Pro 2 Lites points lead with 89/1 win over Ty Tremaine with 80/1 win, Steve Gibson 70 and John Achey with 63.

Even Kelly #710 1st Pro 2 Lites.

2011-RND5-worcs5 1054 400x265.jpg

I like this track, its fast and the high-speed stuff was fun. I tried to stay relaxed and keep my eyes on the leader. I knew I’d get the lead when Ty pitted so I just kept on him and waited. He finally pitted on the last lap and I had to sprint a little while to open a gap but it worked out.

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