Frederick Takes WORCS 4


Joe Colombero

There are few things more impressive than a #1 plate on the front of your race machine and across the back of your jersey. Moose Racing’s Josh Frederick has earned the right to wear the #1 WORCS ATV Pro plate several times and his professionalism, work ethic, talent and determination will likely earn him several more Championships. Thus far this season, a victory eluded Josh for the first three rounds, but that all changed at round four in Anza, California as Frederick took a decisive win against a field of the fastest rider on the planet.

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Dustin Nelson took the holeshot and immediately had his hands full with Jeremie Warnia, Beau Baron, David Haagsma, and Frederick all hounding him for an opening. Warnia was the first to get by and the fast Frenchman took the opportunity to gap the field and pull away in the clean air and open track in front of him.

But it was not to be Warnia’s day; as both Frederick and Baron would not be denied the top spots on the podium. Frederick doggedly worked his way forward riding faster each lap as the race wore on and other riders tired on the long, brutal WORCS course. First he made his way into second, and then he closed the giant gap Warnia had pulled and made the pass for the lead. Frederick had to pit the very next lap and as the fuel was filling his tank, Warnia went by. The Can-Am teammates left the pits virtually nose to tail and disappeared into the long off-road section. Baron was not far behind as he too kept riding harder as the race wore on.

As the white flag waved it was still anybody’s race and the lead trio could all smell the victory for the taking. When the checkered flag came out it was Frederick with the win almost a minute ahead of Baron, who took second place 20 seconds ahead of Warnia in third. Haagsma finished fourth with Jerrod McClure in fifth, Robbie Mitchell sixth, Josh Row seventh, Dillon Zimmerman eighth, Dirkie Baard ninth, and Dustin Nelson 10th.

Josh Frederick #1 1st place

I got an okay start, I think I was fourth. Then I battled with Beau and Dustin for a bit. Then I got behind Frenchie. I got into the lead when they pitted Frenchie and I knew I had to put in some good hard laps and try to stretch out the lead. Then I pitted and he passed me and I got right behind him. I wanted to push my way past him in the off-road, but it’s important for the team for us both to be on the podium and I didn’t want to risk taking us both out. So I pressured him and waited for him to make a mistake and I got by him and it paid off. We’re teammates and I want Frenchie to do well, but I like to win. It feels great to get the first win of the season. My Can-Am/Motoworks/DWT machine was awesome today.

Beau Baron #549 2nd place

I got a decent start and rode as hard as I could. Frenchie started to get away and I and Josh had to wait for Dustin to make a mistake so we could get by him, he was holding us up a little on the off-road, but he’s fast on the motocross course.  Me and Frederick got around him and pushed it hard. Josh didn’t back off and I kept trying to gap him, then I had to pit and he got by me. Then I couldn’t get close enough to capitalize and get by him again. Then on the last lap Frenchie made a mistake and I passed him and got second. All in all it was a good race and I’m happy. The course was great and I’m pumped to be on the box.

Jeremie Warnia #62 3rd place

Josh was very fast today and did not make any mistakes so I could not catch him. I made a little mistake in the off-road and he went by me very fast. That is why he is Champion.

With four rounds in the books, Warnia leads the WORCS Pro ATV Championship points chase with 92/2 wins via a 1-2-1-3 record. Defending WORCS Champion Frederick is close in second with 87/1 win via a 3-3-2-1 record. Baron is third with 72 points, Nelson fourth with 68 and Haagsma fifth with 61.

Don’t miss the next round on June 3-5 in Clay Peaks Payette, Idaho.

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