WORCS Kids was one of the best ever! If you missed it read on to hear the fun.



WOW! .. That is probably the best word to describe the WORCS Kids event at Round 4 in Anza, CA. To be honest, it was quite overwhelming seeing how many people wanted to help and participate in this event. I have never seen so many kids excited to find Easter eggs and win so many prizes! I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who donated eggs for the Easter egg hunt, without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible. Also, thank you to everyone that helped hide the eggs!!

Each kid was able to get at least 10 eggs each and props goes to Brandy Baron for the idea of separating the kids into two groups for the Easter Egg Hunt to make it more fair for the younger kids. Thanks Brandy! Fortunately, we were able to get over about 60 kids out for the event total, including the smaller ones that came and participated as well. I thought the turnout for bowling in Havasu was overwhelming… the Easter Egg Hunt definitely beat that! If it weren’t for the kids wanting to participate every Saturday of the race weekends, WORCS Kids would not be able to continue each year..so special thanks to all of the kids that come out and participate and keep the program going.

At this round, it was a surprise as how to win the RC Car, but after the Easter Egg Hunt it was announced that there were two special eggs; one on each Easter Egg Hunt. The special egg of the 5-14 age group hunt would win the Traxxas Kawasaki RC Truck and the special egg for the 1-4 age group would win a battery operated quad! On the big kid Easter Egg Hunt, it was Carson Stroman who won the RC Truck! Carson is 8 years old and his older brother, Josh Row, rides the # 3 plate for Yamaha in the ATV Pro Class.

The battery operated quad went to Bailey Baron, who is 4 and her dad, Beau Baron, rides the # 549 plate for Maxxis MCR in the ATV Pro Class. Bailey was a very good sport and gave her quad to Jaxyn Frederick because she already has one. Jaxyn was extremely excited to get the quad and was on it within minutes after Bailey gave it to him. (Good thing we charged it the night before!) Jaxyn is 19 months and his dad, Josh Frederick, rides the # 1 plate for DWT Motoworks in the ATV Pro Class. In return for Bailey giving away her quad, she was given some other prizes for her hard work finding the special egg. I know I’ve said it before, but this round was the BEST turnout of the WORCS Kids events this year. Check back next week for details for WORCS Kids at Round 5 in Clay Peaks, Payette, ID!
Special thanks to the following for helping with the Easter Egg Hunt:

The Reddish’s

Chad, Lindsey, Taylor & Emma Johnson

Kim, Terry, Keith & Jamie Johnson

The Snow’s

The Williams’

The Easterwood’s

The Michel’s

The Downes’

The Rikerd’s

The Walrath’s

Daddy’s Famous Foods

The Corbin’s

The Baron’s

The Sizemore’s

The Mulcahy’s

The Cash’s

The Shelman’s

Triumph Motorsports
THANK YOU to everyone that made this event possible, all of your help is greatly appreciated!


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