Gibson Takes Over Pro2 Lites

by Joe Colombero

In Pro 2 Lites Steven Gibson took the win at WORCS 4 in another close battle to the finish. Ty Tremaine finished in the second slot just ahead of John Achey in third. These three riders finished virtually wheel to wheel after more than a full hour of battle. They were hot, tired and thirsty, but none backed down until the checkered flag waved.

Steven Gibson #754 1st Pro 2 Lites

It was a blast! It was a great time with all of us battling. It was awesome. I love the course especially the tight technical stuff because it made for some tight close racing. I’ve got to thank Pro Circuit, Maxima tires, IMS, GPR, Walt’s, everyone who helps me out.

Ty Tremaine #114 2nd Pro 2 Lites

I got an okay start and went really good and made my way through the pack. I caught up to Jack Achey and we had a fun battle for a lap. Then we both caught the leader, Steven and battled for the rest of the race. The course got rough and that’s when training paid off. The three of us never backed down. It was fun.

Jack Achey #317 3rd place Pro 2 Lites

I got a pretty good start and just kept going. I got caught up in the rocks for a bit, then the leaders crashed and I caught up to them. My pit was fast and it was just a really good race. I had a lot of fun

Gibson leads the Pro 2 Lites points with 70/2 wins over Tremaine with 64/1 win and Evan Kelly with 64, and John Achey with 63.


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