ATV WORCS Kids Round 4 – Anza, Ca — Guess what? it’s Easter!!! Bring all the kiddos out to the WORCS Kids event Saturday night for a fun time with an Easter Egg Hunt! We will be having two different Easter Egg Hunts: One will be up to age 3 and the second will be from 4 and up so all the kids can be involved!!
For all the older kids that already know about the “Easter Bunny”, please be sure to explain to them not to ruin it for those that don’t! We will be giving out two very cool prizes for the two age groups, so make sure to bring all the kids and their friends! I will be bringing some eggs filled with candy, but if you would like to be a part of it, feel free to bring some plastic Easter eggs filled with anything of your choice! Candy, cookies, prizes, stickers, tattoo’s, change, etc… just remember there are a variety of age groups that will be participating.
If you bring any eggs, please feel free to drop them off with Cassie at registration on Friday, or with any of the girls at registration on Saturday. Also, please be sure to get them to us in time for us to hide them before the event! More details will be announced Friday during practice and all day Saturday, so make sure to pay attention! Thanks for all your help and support with the WORCS Kids Program, its greatly appreciated! Come out and join us for some fun Easter Egg Hunting and Easter Cookies!!
If your kids already have an Easter Egg Basket or a bag that you would like to bring, please feel free to do so, but if not we will have some available at the beginning of the event. See you soon!!


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