ATV WORCS Kids in Havasu at Round 3 was a HUGE hit! There were over 40 kids that showed up Saturday night after the Breast Assured Family Fun Run for an exciting night of bowling! This round is usually one of the best turnouts of the season and it really proved this year that it was.


There were kids from age 4 up to 14 and even a couple 3 year olds out there showing everyone what they’ve got. For this round of WORCS Kids, the raffle for the Traxxas Kawasaki RC car was a simple raffle. Each kid that showed up to bowl was given a raffle ticket, so it was fair that the kids that were there had a chance to win the car. Around 7:30 after all the kids had arrived, we announced that we were going to do the raffle and all the kids immediately dropped what they were doing and drew their attention towards us. We read the number from the raffle ticket….a few seconds later little Rafe Snow came running up to us with the most excited expression on his face, he was so happy to win the RC car!

Each kid bowled about 2-3 games and enjoyed pizza and drinks to end their Saturday night of racing. I would really like to thank Amber Mayo for all her inspiration to get me involved with WORCS Kids!

I was extremely happy to have her help me with WORCS Kids at her last WORCS race…thank you!! Check back next week for details of  WORCS Kids Round 4 in Anza, CA….we’re going Easter Egg Hunting!

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