Ramirez Tops Pro 2 at Havasu

By Joe Colombero

Ensenada’s Ivan Ramirez powered his KTM to the win in the Pro 2 class. Ramirez crossed the line 20 seconds ahead of Jason Parsons Kawasaki in second place. Justin Seeds scored another podium for third to hang on to the points lead. Fourth place fell to Corey Graffunder on the Zip-Ty Husky and Travis Coy rounded out the top five.

Ivan Ramirez 1st place Pro 2

I pushed pretty hard and had a good race and then backed off a little near the end because the track is very rough and I was getting tired. But it was good and I’m always happy to win.

Jason Parsons #373 2nd place Pro 2

It was good. Yesterday I had a bad crash and I got a black eye and cut my tongue and all that. But I got a good start today and paced I van Ramirez for a while. He put some time on me and then I just cruised for a while, kept it on two wheels and took home some points. I like Havasu, the rougher the better for me. The boat people are cool except they rub it in when you fall in front of them.

Justin Seeds #213 3rd place Pro 2

It was a good race; I just couldn’t catch the two guys in front of me. I’ve been super sick and had no energy, but I got a second wind near the end and pulled myself into third. I’m happy, it’s always good to be on the boxes at Havasu, I can’t stand the track but I love the lady spectators.

Seeds holds the points lead in the Pro 2 class with 47/1 win over Graffunder with 58 and Travis Coy with 53, Parsons with 47/1 win and Ramirez with 43/1 win.

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