Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bobby Bonds

Age:26 Month Born: July Yrs. Pro: 12 BIOGRAPHY 2008 WORCS Champion. The only privateer to win a WORCS championship. It just goes to show that if you have heart you can win. Bobby has a colorful history in motocross prior to making the switch to off road. In 2001 he got the most lucrative ride in motocross with Pro Circuit.

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Destry Abbott

Age:39 Month Born: July Yrs. Pro: 23 Website: BIOGRAPHY Monster Energy Kawasaki rider for 14 years with 5 AMA National Hare & Hound championships to his credit. Abbott excels on the technical tracks and does well in many different types of races throughout the year. He has been on the WORCS podium a number of times throughout his career.

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John Dowd

Age:45 Month Born: August Yrs. Pro: FOREVER Website: BIOGRAPHY Known for being an incredible sand racer (Southwick) and an overall great racer. John has many outdoor national wins to his credit including a 125 National Supercross championship. John has raced a handful of WORCS races in 2010 and he is an icon in our sport. Any program is lucky

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