MCR / Maxxis’ Beau Baron Wins Honey Lake WORCS

Motoworks / Can-Am’s Josh Frederick & Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson Podium

Round #5 – Honey Lake
May 23, 2010

Milford, CA – MCR/Maxxis’ Beau Baron had a flawless run at round number five of the 2010 WORCS series to take the top spot on the pro podium, while Can-Am/Motoworks’ Josh Frederick and Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson would join him respectively in second and third.

Honey Lake MX was the hosting facility for this round, which saw colder than normal temperatures with wet snow falling during Saturday’s races. Although the snow did not stick around, it made for some wet conditions that would carry over to Sunday’s main events. The Honey Lake facility is known for its rocky terrain that can take a toll on equipment, but MCR/Maxxis Tires’ Beau Baron had an incredible race.

Baron, who is very comfortable in rough and rocky terrain, got off to an excellent start in the top five and was soon in second place chasing down leader Josh Frederick. Baron was right on Frederick for the entire first lap and then in lap two, Baron made the pass and checked out. “As soon as I got out front, I knew I wanted to put a bit of a gap between me and Josh, so I pushed hard and got about a 40 second lead on him,” explained Baron, who would record the fastest lap time of the race in lap three with a time of 08:34.963.

Baron would stay consistent, keeping his lead on Frederick for 13 laps before taking the checkered flag for first. “This win was very important for me and I’m really glad I was able to make it happen,” said Baron, who is now only four points behind Josh Frederick.

Can-Am Motoworks’ Josh Frederick looked solid as he came off the line and quickly took over the lead. Frederick led for one lap before he would fall back to second. “This was the type of track where you want to go fast, but you also want to ride smart,” said Frederick, who would hold his second place status all the way to the finish line.

Although he finished in second, Frederick still holds the pro points lead and will be tough to beat at round six where the desert-like track conditions are more suited to Frederick’s riding style.

Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson was looking smooth and consistent as he charged off the line. Nelson, who had taken his first pro WORCS win at round four kept a steady pace and played it smart for this round. Nelson was holding a steady third until the midway point when he would stop in the pits, which would send him back to fourth, by Nelson would make a hard charge and soon reclaim third. Nelson would hold his third place position all the way to the end to take the final spot on the podium.

MCR/Maxxis’ Josh Row came from a mid-pack start and worked his way into the number four spot after just a few laps. Row would battle back and forth with Dustin Nelson at the mid-way point, but he would settle in for a solid fourth place finish.

Can-Am Motoworks’ Dillon Zimmerman was in the top five off the line, but he would fall back to seventh place where he and MCR/Maxxis’ Mike Cafro would battle for most of the race. Zimmerman would get past for a sixth place finish when Cafro would stop to help Pro-am racer Garrin Fuller, who was pinned under his quad after a nasty wreck. “I had to stop and help him. I know Garrin pretty well and I had to help him,” said Cafro, who would still finish in seventh after helping out his fellow racer.

Eight place would go to Robbie Mitchell, with Ryan Piplic finishing in eighth and David Lindsay would hang on to round out the top ten. Tim Shelman would finish in 11th, with Justin Waters in 12th. John Shafe, who grabbed the pro holeshot, would end up with a DQ when it was said he had, possibly unbeknownst to him, cut the track.

In the Pro-am class, MCR/Maxxis’ David Haagsma would lead the pack from start to finish, to take his third win of the season and increase his points lead to 115 points, while teammate Keith Johnson would take second on the Pro-am podium. Javier Robles, Jr. would take third in the Pro-am class.

In the Women’s A class, MCR/Maxxis Tires’ Julie Russell would grab the holeshot and check out on her competition. Russell would claim the fastest lap time of her class in lap three with a time of 09:24.214 and she would take the Women’s A win with over a four minute lead. Donna Espensen would finish in a respectable second and Sadie Bender would claim third.

Round six of the 2010 WORCS series will be held in just two short weeks and will head back to the desert as Cahuilla Creek MX in Anza, CA will play host on June 4th – 6th as Josh Frederick and Beau Baron will battle it out for the pro points lead.



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