Can-Am / Motowork’s Josh Frederick Takes Homestate Win

Maxxis / MCR’s Beau Baron & Josh Row Round out the Podium

Primm, NV – The MCR Maxxis team claimed two positions on the pro podium, but the playing field was evened at round number two of the 2010 WORCS series, with Can-Am Motoworks’ Josh Frederick taking the win over MCR/Maxxis’ Beau Baron to tie for the points lead, while MCR/Maxxis’ Josh Row claimed the number three spot. Round number two was held at the esteemed Buffalo BIll’s Casino & Resort in Primm, NV and was a combined round of quads and bikes running side by side on two courses. In addition to the added distraction of the bikes, the race was also a dead engine start that got the best of some racers. “It was a little confusing on the starts because they had two flags; one for the ATV’s and one for the bikes. I was paying attention to the ATV flag because I didn’t want to jump or anything like that. The flags were supposed to be dropped at the same time, but the bike flag dropped a couple seconds early and all the quads went on that flag and I was still sitting there at the line waiting for the ATV flag, so I was like last off the line,” said Can-Am Motoworks’ Cole Henry regarding his start in Saturday’s Production A class.

The 13 mile course for Sunday’s main event was dry and very high speed in most places, but the loose sand soon gave way to huge whoops and ruts that played a big part in most racer’s endurance, but it didn’t seem to phase Can-Am Motoworks’ Josh Frederick one bit.

Frederick was in about eighth place off the line and worked his way into fifth before the end of the first lap. From there, Frederick paced himself in order to make a hard charge later on. “At about the midway point I really started to push hard. I knew I had to make up a couple of spots so I just tried to stay focused. By lap ten, Frederick had made his way around Josh Row and Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson and was in pursuit of leader Beau Baron.

About halfway into lap ten, Frederick took over the lead and checked out. Frederick would take first place with almost a one minute lead. “It felt really good to be back on top of the podium again. We’ve done a few suspension changes to the Can-am and it’s working awesome, so I hope to keep getting more wins,” said Frederick.

MCR/Maxxis’ Beau Baron was feeling a bit under the weather at the start of the race, but not being one to give up easily, Baron charged off the line, quickly working himself into the number two position. “I was in second for a few laps and then I was leading for a little while. Then Nelson caught up to me and we were battling back and forth and then he fell back. I was still leading but I just started feeling worse and worse. I was throwing up and I was getting really dehydrated and I just had nothing left,” said Baron.

While baron was struggling out on the track, Josh Frederick would catch up and take over the lead. Luckily, Baron had put enough distance between him and the rest of the pack that he was still able to hold on to second place as he reached the checkered flag. “At the end I was just barely hanging on. Even though I really wanted the win, I am glad I was still able to make the podium,” stated Baron, who was admitted to the hospital later that day with severe dehydration. Despite his ordeal, Baron remained in good spirits and was hoping to be discharged on Monday. While Baron had a bit of a tough time, his teammate Josh Row seemed to have an almost flawless race. Row was in the top five off the start and took over the lead shortly into the first lap. Row was on a hard charge as he led for three laps before falling back. Row kept a fast, steady pace and took over the number three spot in lap ten and held it all the way to the finish line. Row’s strong performance now has him sitting in fourth place of the points race.

Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson also had his turn out front. Nelson was in tenth off the line, but quickly worked himself into the number three position halfway through lap one. In lap two, Nelson recorded the fastest lap of the day with a time of 09:13.986. Nelson was on a mission as he worked his way around Josh Row and began to chase down Beau Baron. “I was right behind Beau and I had to make a pit stop. I knew Beau had to pit as well, and I usually have really fast pits so I was hoping to get in front of him out of the pits, and that’s exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, in lap nine, I hit something and bent my rear rotor, so I had no rear brakes, which really set me back,” said Nelson, who would fall back to fourth place, where he would stay all the way to the checkered flag.

Can-Am Motoworks’ Dillon Zimmerman was looking quite impressive as he grabbed the Pro ATV holeshot. Unfortunately, Zimmerman was unable to hold his lead and fell back to the number five spot. Zimmerman rode almost the entire race unchallenged in the number five spot and would take his position all the way to the finish line.

MCR/Maxxis team manager, Mike Cafro was dead last going into the first lap due to a kill cord mishap, but Cafro steadily began to pick off the competition one by one until reaching sixth place, where he would end his day.

John Shafe would stay consistent for a seventh place finish, with Kawasaki mounted Robbie Mitchell in a close eighth. Levi Marana, who was dealing with a shock issue for most of the race, hung on for the number nine spot, while east coast racer Andy Lagzdins would round out the top ten.

In the Pro-am ranks, MCR/Maxxis backed racer, Daivd Haagsma rode solid race. Haagsma took the lead in the third lap and never looked back. Cody Mitchell, came on strong and was awarded second after Javier Robles, Jr. was disqualified from the race, while Chase Thomas would round out the top three. Can-Am motoworks’ Cole Henry was running strong and working his way through traffic and looked as if he would be on the podium, when his engine let go in lap seven, ending things early for him.

In the Women’s A class, MCR/Maxxis racer, Julie Russell claimed her first Women’s A win since 2007, and recorded the fastest lap time in her class in lap two. Russell now holds the points lead over her rival Tammy Balser, who would suffered a DNF in lap three. Raustyn Hurst held a solid second from start to finish, and Donna Espensen would round out the top three.

Round number three of the 2010 WORCS series will head to the ever popular destination of Lake Havasu on March 19th – 21st. The Crazy Horse Camp Ground will play host as Beau Baron and Josh Frederick will battle it out to see who will take over the pro points lead.




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